My credit card payments are being declined and the system is asking me to confirm my address, but I think it is correct! Why isn't my payment successful?

This situation occurs when you have entered a billing address or billing postal code that could not verified by your credit card's issuing bank. Sometimes you will see this situation referred to as a 'Code 822 error'.

You must provide exactly the same street address and postal code that your bank has on file -- usually this is the address that your statement is sent to.

If you are using a PrePaid card, you must register an address with the card issuer and then provide these details to us before you attempt your purchase.

This step, called Address Verification, is performed as an important validation to verify that your purchase is a legitimate and authorized use of your credit card. This verification approach can protect you from fraudulent use of your credit card.
You can review and edit your Account Details from the 'My Account' > 'Account Information' page on Here is a link to that page, for your convenience:
During your checkout, your address will be displayed on the payment details page, when you are prompted to enter your credit card details. You can also click the 'Update Address' on this page to edit/modify the billing address we have on file for your account.
If you continue to experience this problem, and you are certain you have entered the correct address, please contact your credit card issuer to confirm that their records match your expectations.
Please ensure that the address you have entered is correct (including the postal code), and that the address on file at your financial institution is up to date.

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