I bought tickets for an event and I see that there is a VIP option available. Can I upgrade my tickets?

The short answer is: sometimes yes and sometimes no.

e-ticket sales are final sales with no refunds or exchanges, as per the Terms of Service you agree to during checkout. We have set up our checkout so patrons have every opportunity possible to review and confirm their purchase before they finalize their purchase. For your convenience, you can read these terms here: https://etixnow.com/backstage/terms-of-use

Some events have upgrades available and clearly indicated on the event page. Upgrades may be subject to additional service fees, in addition to the difference in price.
Some events have upgrades available, but are not published on the event page. If you have purchased a regular ticket and would like to know if an upgrade option is possible, please email us at info@etixnow.com and we'll find out for you.
Of course, VIP options or packages may sell out before the event, due to their exclusive nature. If you have not yet purchased a ticket to an event, but are considering the VIP option, remember that upgrading a regular ticket may not be possible later.

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