I bought multiple e-tickets for an event and received only one e-ticket QR code. Can I get one QR code for each ticket?

Most people ask us this because they want to arrive at an event at different times from everyone else in their party. However, separate e-tickets are not required for this situation because your combined e-ticket QR code can be scanned by the door staff at the event door as many times as the e-ticket is valid for admission. So, you can simply send a copy of the combined e-ticket to your friends.

If you still prefer to have separate or split e-tickets, it is usually possible for us to make this change for you. If it is possible to make this change, please note the following:

  1. All of the tickets in your purchase will be split . For instance if you currently have 6 admissions on 1 e-ticket, we will re-issue them as 6 single e-tickets each valid for 1 admission, instead of as 1 e-ticket valid for 4 admissions and the other valid for 2 admissions.
  2. A fee may apply for us to provide this service.
  3. The request to split e-tickets must come from the original purchaser.

 Contact us at  info@etixnow.com or use the Contact page for more information about this process.

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