I printed my e-tickets and each one came out on 4 separate pages. Why do you hate the environment?

It sounds like you printed your full e-ticket email and your email program and printer settings caused it to take up 4 pages of output. Printing your e-ticket e-mail depends on a combination of your e-mail, computer and printer settings, so it's very difficult for us to help everyone when it comes to printing problems.

Most people find printing works best when they download the attached PDF, open the file in a PDF viewer, and print from there – instead of printing the actual e-ticket e-mail itself.

The PDF is formatted specifically for printing and formats each e-ticket on a single page, whereas the e-mail is best formatted for viewing on a computer or smartphone screen.

We love the environment, and that's why we think e-ticketing is a great approach – don't print out your e-ticket, just show it on your smartphone!

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