I purchased a combined e-ticket for myself and my friends, but not all of us will be arriving to the event at the same time. How can I send my friends their e-tickets if I only have one QR code for all of the e-tickets?

Your combined e-ticket QR code will be scanned by the door staff at the event for as many times as the e-ticket is valid for admission. So, you can simply send a copy of the combined e-ticket to your friends.

For example: the e-ticket you purchased is valid for 4 admissions for yourself and three friends (Francois, Shaheen, and Reba). You are planning to arrive early with Francois, while Shaheen and Reba are arriving together later. You may forward a copy of the e-ticket to Shaheen and/or Reba for them to use when they arrive. When you and Francois arrive, your copy of the e-ticket is scanned and redeemed for 2 admissions. Then, when Shaheen and Reba arrive later, their copy of the e-ticket can be scanned and redeemed for the remaining two admissions.

So, it is not necessary that you all arrive at the venue at the same time for use of your e-ticket, however (in the example) only the first 4 uses of the e-ticket will be recognized.

Therefore, you should only forward your e-ticket emails to confirmed and trusted guests in your party.

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