I made a purchase using INTERAC Online. It appears money has been withdrawn from my account, but I have not received any confirmation email or e-ticket email. Was my order successful?

This usually happens when customers don't click the 'Return to Merchant' button after approving their INTERAC®Online purchase, or if there is a problem with the INTERAC®Online system at the time.

The way INTERAC® Online works is that we have to transfer you to their external system for you to approve your purchase. The thing is, we can't come along to guide you – you have to make sure you click 'Return to Merchant' after you complete your payment, otherwise we will not confirm your order and your purchase will be cancelled.
When your forget to do this, the payment attempt was not confirmed in our system and the INTERAC®Online transaction was not completed. In other words, your order was not successful and your funds have not been transferred to us.
For most banks, when there is an incomplete transaction such as this, the funds are returned to your account in about an hour; other banks return the funds overnight or in a few business days.

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