Will I be added to a mailing list or newsletter if I make an account?

etixnow.com does not share your email or personal details with any unrelated third parties, as per our Privacy Policy. For your convenience, you can view our Privacy Policy here: https://etixnow.com/backstage/privacy-policy.

We also do not send out any newsletters or mailing lists, website updates, or product promotions to our customers. An individual message about your order may be sent out when it is important to inform you of changes to an event which may affect your satisfaction with your purchase, such when a show is cancelled, or a date is changed, or a venue is moved.
Occasionally, we may ask you about your satisfaction with your purchase and your event experience through a patron survey. You can always opt-out of these survey communications at any time.
Some event organizers do run newsletters or mailing lists, such as fan clubs or pre-sale promotion announcements. However, you will never be automatically enrolled – explicit opt-ins for these newsletters will be shown to you during during your checkout, and you always have the default option of not being enrolled.

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